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Formatting options/Markdown++#9 


Overall, awesome markdown editor + basic formatting options :)
Will be very helpful to someone starting off!

The TL;DR version of my comments is:

  • you can add some HTML flavor to this markdown + HTML rendering engine, and
  • can expose more granular formatting controls
  • you can add to Markdown spec to create your own “Markdown++” spec, which moves in the direction of more control/flexibility that other formats like LaTeX allow

Some examples/specifics:

  • More color flexibility could be allowed by section/level of headers/markdown components (e.g. ability to color links differently than skillls). Since they’re all different HTML tags, this should be possible too :)
  • h2 having a dotted border, but no other headings being able to have it seems arbitrary. It’s obviously your call, but someone might want their name to be followed by a line (dotted/solid) for e.g.
    Maybe, exposing tag specific color/border options is an option you could consider
  • even native markdown automatically bolds table headers, but currently, table headers look like just plain text, which would break the expectations of someone coming in who knows markdown

  • I think you can perhaps build on top of markdown and add more features, such as:

    • some pre-defined templates, which could break down the overall area into multiple sections, each of which can use markdown. This way, somebody could create resumes such as those which have a two-column layout using Resumey!

Awesome work! Hope this helps going forward

6 months ago